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Pitaya bowl: the Eco-Pink touch in your diet

Now there are no excuses to start enjoying your pitaya bowl. In our last post we present, if you didn’t know it yet, the Pink Pitaya. So, now that you know the great health benefits of this exotic fruit (source of vitamins C and B, iron, fiber,…) it is time to take action and start enjoying its incomparable flavour. And if, in addition, you choose the Pink Pitaya pulp BIO CORAÇAÍ, better than better. The best of the pink pitahaya with the most authentic flavour.


Pink pitaya, explosion of flavour in your mouth


Pitaya or dragon fruit is, in any of its varieties, a fleshy, aromatic fruit with a fresh and exotic flavour that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Within the variety of pink pitaya we find, in turn, two types of fruit. The one with white pulp and the one with red pulp. This second, more difficult to grow and much more perishable is, of all, the most intense in flavour.


red pitahaya white pulp


Whatever the one chosen to consume, something fundamental must be taken into account for experiencing a taste delight: the ripeness of the fruit. To know if it is in its optimal state of ripening what you should do is the same as with kiwis. Hold it in your hand and squeeze it slightly to make sure it is soft to the touch. It will be the ideal time to eat it.

Checking the exact maturity of pitaya will no longer be a problem if you choose our frozen Pink Pitaya pulp BIO. In CORAÇAÍ we freeze its pulp from the fresh fruit harvested and processed at its optimal ripening point. Only then its flavour and properties come at their best to your bowl of pitaya.

pitahaya bowl Coracai


How to prepare Pitaya?


Like açaí, pitaya is a fruit that supports a wide variety of preparations and forms of consumption. With great versatility of preparation, it can be consumed in many different ways, from ice cream, smoothies, yoghourts and fruit salads to salads or mixed with other fruits.

We will start with the simplest: you can eat it directly with a spoon. Just like it is made with kiwi, it is cut in half and, thanks to the consistency of its pulp, it can be easily split and taken by spoonfuls. You can also peel it (it is very easy, with pulling at one end of the skin you can already tear it off without effort) and cut it into dices. In fact, expert nutritionists ensure that this is the best way to consume pitaya, since you can feel its sweet and fresh flavour with more intensity.

In this way you can have it alone or accompanied in fruit salads with other tropical fruits that will enhance its flavour, such as watermelon, mango or papaya. It is perfect, as you can see, to prepare a good fruit salad. If, in addition, you dress it with a splash of lemon juice the result will be an explosion of flavour that will make you a real fan of pitaya.

Another option is to dice it together with a kiwi and grill it, roasting it as a skewer. With pitaya you can also make a smoothie or even make mousses or jams.

But what is the recipe par excellence with which to enjoy a tasty pink pitaya?


Pitaya Bowl


The pitaya bowl, also known as the smoothie bowl, is definitely the best way to enjoy it. It has its origins in the smoothies that ten years ago came into our lives. An ice-cold fruit shake but thickened until it has the consistency of a cream that is eaten with a spoon and not allowing the toppings to sink. They began with the famous Açaí bowls consumed in Brazil and became popular all over the world.

From this original recipe, variations were created with all kinds of ingredients, from the base to the toppings. Among the most sought after fruits for creamy base and full-bodied bowl is the pitahaya.


Be a Coraçai’s Pink-Pitaya Lover!!!


Now that you know the types of pitahaya that exist and the benefits of this fruit it is time to put the theory into practice.

So let’s prepare a healthy, tasty and very fresh breakfast for this anticipated summer we enjoyed. All thanks to the Pink Pitaya pulp BIO by CORAÇAÍ, fruit imported directly from Nicaragua, which is the only country in the world capable of guaranteeing the highest quality and organic production of the Pitaya.

With it we will prepare a new recipe for pitaya bowl with the eco-pink touch that your day to day needs. Take note because we start:




• 30 ml apple juice or coconut water.

• ½ frozen banana.

• 90 gr frozen mango.

• 100 gr Pink Pitaya pulp BIO CORAÇAI.

Nuts for topping: laminated hazelnuts, flax seeds or oat granules would be a fantastic finishing touch for our pink pitaya bowl.




In the glass of a blender we put the frozen Pink Pitaya pulp BIO CORAÇAI cut into pieces. For this it is advisable to soak it a little in warm water to soften it somewhat and break it more easily.

Then add the banana and mango.

Mix with apple juice or coconut water. These juices will make our pink pitahaya acquire a much more creamy consistency giving the bowl a unique texture.

We operate the blender and help ourselves with a spatula so that the fruit is processed better. We will let the fruit to be crushed as long as each of us sees it fit, according to the consistency we want to give the preparation.

Once ready, pour it in a bowl. Smooth the surface and place the nuts as a topping. We can also leave some fruit not crushed to add as a side dish.


pink pitaya bowl

And enjoy!!


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