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How to prepare frozen açaí bowl at home

The açaí is a small berry from Brazil that comes frozen to ours warehouses in Europe, to preserve to the maximum its quality and food values. In this post, we want to tell you why it is better to buy frozen açaí and give you the keys to enjoy a Coraçai experience.

If you want to know how to prepare frozen açaí bowl at home, follow our advice and from now frozen açai will become a must in your recipe book!!

The potential of this superfruit is enormous both in nutritional and culinary terms. Despite being a product that comes in frozen format  that does not scare you when introducing it in your pantry. It is easy to use and with endless possibilities of making dishes both sweet and savory, accompanying or as a main ingredient.


Why must the açaí be frozen?


organic açai production in brazilSurely more than one has already realized that in
Coraçai we offer our products in freezing state from the fruit at its best ripening time but, why do we do so?

The answer is very simple: maintain the quality of our organic production açaí the best conditions of conservation and, the most important reason for us, its high nutritional values.

The açaí berry is a very peculiar product since, on the one hand, only 10-15% of the fruit is pulp and, on the other, it is a very perishable fruit. Considering that between Europe and the plantations of Brazil there are thousands of kilometers, its transport becomes almost impossible to realize preserving the intact fruit. In less than 24 hours from harvest it is necessary to carry out a rigorous process of elaboration to maintain its high nutritional power. Only then we can transport them in refrigerated chambers or freezers to their destination.


Frozen Açaí, what can I do with it?


We know that the most cooking lovers will have in mind the answer to this question: endless delicious
dishes of all kinds. The versatility of this food to be treated as an ingredient is tremendous. Despite being one of the most fashionable super fruits, the açai is still unknown to many. For this reason, the most popular forms of preparation of frozen açai are in the form of a shake or a smoothie or as part of a bowl accompanying seeds, fruits and cereals.

frozen açaí pulp Coraçai

But the possibilities offered by frozen açaí go much further. As well as the thousands of kilometers that
separate us in the distance of Belem, the region that produces this berry all terrain. It is here where most
açai is consumed per capita from all over the world and it is here that we find a wide cookbook that, little by little, is spreading everywhere.

Obviously, in this Brazilian region they can enjoy the fruit in perfect state of freshness for the preparation of their dishes. We, as we have commented before, must obtain it in frozen form but this is not an element that has to discourage us when treating this product as an ingredient. Thanks to an optimal preservation process, its flavour and properties remain intact to be used in the kitchen as if it were fresh berry itself.


Açaí at all times


This is how we could call, without hesitation, a new diet: the açaí diet. The truth is that frozen açai is a food that can be enjoyed in any dish that we prepare for any of the meals of the day, from breakfast to dinner.

Good morning nothing better than a good bowl of organic açai with varied fruits. It supports all kinds of combinations and mixes so that you let your imagination run wild and create your own mixes but, if you allow us the advice, a classic like the banana is the perfect pairing. Also add seeds and cereals, granolas being the ideal companion.

At noon, it can be used as a side dish, as it can be prepared as a sauce to complete fried fish or calamari dishes. It also makes a good tandem with lean meats like chicken or turkey.

By mid-afternoon, a little frozen organic açai mixed in the blender with your favorite fruit will be the perfect smoothie to recharge your batteries for the rest of the day.

And, if after all this you are not convinced of the variety of dishes that you can make with this 100% natural ingredient, now we will give you the final key.

You can also use açai as a flavour-enhancing ingredient in muffins, breads or cakes.


And to finish surprising you, another original proposal with açai. The recipe that has caught our attention the most, for how well it pairs the açai with other ingredients that are at the antipodes of its origin is the
aça i gazpacho . Undoubtedly, a delicious cold cream in which the fruit shares space with ingredients of the original recipe such as tomato or cucumber. We encourage you to prepare it and tell us the result.


How to make frozen açaí bowl


From Coraçaí we not only offer you the best 100% natural açai pulp from certified organic plantations. Let’s go a step further by proposing the best way to enjoy a good Açai Bowl with this delicious and easy recipe that we explain below:

– A frozen banana
– A handful of frozen strawberries, blueberries and
– 30 ml of concentrated apple juice
– Cereals
– 100 gr of frozen açai pulp Coraçaí

In a blender we put the frozen açai pulp Coraçaí cut into pieces (for this it is advisable to soak it a little in warm water to soften it somewhat and break it more easily). Then add the frozen fruit (reserving a handful of strawberries for the final topping). Then, to give texture, we add apple juice to the fruits. We run the blender and keep it until we get the texture that we like.
We pour the preparation into a bowl and now it’s time to get creative! Incorporate reserved strawberries and cereals as toppings.

açai bowl Coraçai


Bon appetit


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