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At Coraçai, we offer a natural and pure product without artificial additives. We always select the pulp of the highest quality to make our products. We guarantee their traceability from the source to delivery, thus rigorously complying with the control parameters.


From the Amazon rainforest to the point of sale. This is the açaí’s production cycle, from the fruit’s harvest in our Brazilian plantations to the product’s delivery to the client anywhere in the world.

The açaí’s cycle

The açaí goes a long way before you can enjoy it:


1. The fruit’s harvest.

The açaí is a fruit that grows naturally from the palm trees in the Amazon. Therefore, its harvesting is not easy at all. In order to reach our organic açaí plantations, we must navigate by canoe along the Amazon River and cross the jungle’s paths. For harvesting the fruits, it is necessary to climb the açaizeiros and cut the branches with ripe fruit.


2. Transfer to the plant. 

Once the açaí has been harvested, we have to go back along the same route and take the fruit to the processing plant.


3. Receipt and selection of the best quality fruit.

Once the açaí load arrives at the plant, we select the fruit according to our strict quality standards.


4. Fruit washing.

We wash the açaí to remove impurities. The açaí is a rather perishable and sensitive product that must be handled with the utmost care if we want to leave all of its nutritional properties untouched.


5. A process for extracting the pulp from the seed.

As you may already know, the açaí is not 100 % fruit: seeds represent 90 % and pulp just 10 %. That is why it is necessary to add water in order to extract the flesh and be able to eat it. This process must be carried out within 24 hours after the harvest.


6. Pasteurisation and packaging.

We use the pasteurisation process to eliminate the eventual microorganisms without altering the fruit’s composition and qualities. Once the process is finished, the resulting product is frozen and packed in bags. Depending on the use, the package size can be of 100 grams, 1 kilo, 2.9 kilos, 5 kilos, 18 kilos or 180 kilos.


7. Product freezing.

The açaí pulp freezing process is carried out at the plant (at -18º C) during the first 48 hours after being harvested in order to prevent the product from losing its properties.


8. Worldwide shipping.

The açaí pulp is ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.

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