At Coraçaí we also offer solutions for the Industry, always selecting the best fruit and offering the best buying experience according to the need of our commercial partner.

Packagings and Formats

For the distribution to industries we have packagings from 1 kg to 180 kg drums.

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If you wish another fruit that is not on this chart, contact us and we can certainly help and offer you a solution.

The Quality Fruit that your Business needs

At Coraçaí we produce the best variety of açaí pulp and tropical fruits, whole, sliced and chunks fruits that are 100% natural, organic and/or conventional, adapting to the needs of each client.


We work with formats of pulp, puree, IQF and fruit concentrates for industries that have application for: fruit drinks, sports drinks, smoothies, syrups, powder, nectar, juices, chewing gum, jam, ice cream, fruit preparation, fruit snack, fruit filling, flavoured water, dairy products, confectionery, cocktails, and so on.

Pulps/Fruit Puree

– Açaí pulp

– Açaí pulp with Guaraná

– Pink Pitaya pulp with seeds

– Acerola pulp

– Cupuaçu pulp

– Guava pulp

– Graviola pulp

– Maracuyá pulp

– Cashew pulp

– Pineapple pulp

– Mango pulp

IQF Fruit

– Whole strawberries

– Red berries

– Wild blueberries

– Mango chunks

– Sliced kiwi

– Sliced banana

– Pineapple chunks

– Papaya chunks

Fruit Concentrates

– Orange concentrate 65 Brix

– Lemon concentrate 400 GPL

– Strawberry concentrate 32 y 65 Brix

– Raspberry concentrate 32 y 65 Brix (with or without seeds)

– Blueberry concentrate 32 y 65 Brix

– Blackcurrant concentrate 32 y 65 Brix

– Blackberry concentrate 32 y 65 Brix

– Red grapefruit concentrate

– White grapefruit concentrate

– Pomegranate concentrate 65 brix

– Organic NFC Pomegranate Juice

– Aloe Vera concentrate

– Pineapple concentrate 60 Brix

– Apple concentrate 70 Brix

– Apricot Purée Concentrate 32 Brix

– Peach Puree Concentrate 32 Brix

– Grape Concentrate 68 Brix

– Pear Concentrate 70 Brix

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Açaí Pulp | Premium Quality

Our premium-quality frozen açaí pulp contains the highest fruit concentration (14%*) that can be found in the market.


Guaranteeing the highest quality standard is the backbone of our working philosophy. In fact, we do so since the very moment the fruit is harvested until the distributor receives the packaged end product.


How can we verify an açaí pulp’s quality? By checking out the nutrition facts. The different açaí quality types are determined by the product’s solid content (fruit): 9 %, 12 % and 14 %. Among the açaí pulp’s ingredients, the only one with calorie content is the açaí (the rest is water and citric acid). Hence, the more calories the product has, the more fruit concentration it features.

* Besides the special grade pulp 14 %, we offer the pure açaí pulp medium grade 12 % and the popular grade 9 %. Please, contact us for further details.

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