The CORAÇAÍ brand is a dream that united two things: heart and açaí. Heart, because we have set ours into this project. Doing things for real, with awareness and passion. And this will be the one to guide us in every step we take.


The core of our products is the açaí, a fruit that grows in the palm trees bordering the Amazon rainforest and has been in the Brazilian diet for many generations, filling them up with energy and health. A treasure that we now bring to you so you can enjoy it (we assure you that you have not tried anything alike) and also benefit from its properties.

Açaí from Brazil: Our Origin

That’s how Coraçaí was born, directly from our heart (and from the Brazilian Amazon) for all those who aspire to change, to improve something in their lives, in their worlds. Those who dream, who think the best is yet to come, those who know that life is one and you have to live it to the fullest. Those who move for what they love, who know that what our heart cries out to us from within is impossible not to take it out.


This is Coraçaí and what makes us proud of, but also responsible for, staying true to this motivation every day.


We have taken our first steps with the exclusive production and distribution of Organic Açaí pulp special grade 14%. With time and the growing market demand, we started to expand the variety of frozen organic fruits, and also conventional, that we commercialize. We achieved recognition and became a benchmark as a national and international solution for industries and companies. At present, we are connected with a wide network of technical professionals to follow up, from our own plantations and productions so as to cover all the needs of our commercial partners.


“We produce, export and import our fruits directly from our plantations all over the world, selecting the best quality. This is our differential value”


Our aim is to bring health, taste, quality and the most beneficial properties of the fruit to as many people as possible, always according to the Fair Trade market.

Frozen Fruit Distributor

Today we are specialists in the Foodservice business (Horeca Channel) but we also offer solutions and packaging to Industries and Retailers. Moreover, in Coraçaí we develop and support with our experience Private Label projects taking care of everything. From product development, packaging management, financial management and logistics management for delivery of the final product to the customer.


We are experts in responding efficiently, fast and with quality giving our commercial partners the best buying experience.

Coraçaí: Empower your dreams

This is our way of seeing life, that more and more people share and to which we invite everyone to join. Beyond a brand, we want to be your partner, with whom you share the passion to improve every day and, above all, do it in the direction that your dreams mark.

Where to find Coraçaí?

You will find further information about us and our products on our website. If you want to sell Coraçaí or know where to buy our products, just call us or write us. We will be happy to help you.

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açai vegano