The CORAÇAI brand is a dream uniting two things, CORAZÓN & AÇAÍ (heart & açaí). Heart, because we have devoted ours into this project. Making things true, consciously and passionately. And it will be our heart the one guiding us in every step we take.


The heart of our products is the AÇAÍ, a fruit that grows from the palm trees bordering the Amazon and that has been present in the diet of Brazilians for generations, thus filling them with energy and healthiness. A treasure that we are now bringing for you to enjoy (we assure you that you have never tried anything like it) and benefit from.


The açaí will fill your heart with energy and your head with positive things. So you can feel closer to your dreams day after day.

Açaí from Brazil

Gandhi once said a sentence that still resonates in our heads every day as if it were the first time we hear it.


“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi


It is the reason behind our decision to go down this path. The fact we are aware of everything we do, little as it may be, drives a change. That is what brought Coraçai to life. This is the way we chose to change our world (and the world of anyone willing to join in) by means of something as small as a fruit.


A world that gets increasingly connected but unconnected to everything that surrounds it, unconnected to what this wonderful planet offers us asking so little in return. A planet full of opportunities to feel alive and happy with oneself and everybody who shares this incredible place. And one of those opportunities is the açaí, a fruit that grows naturally at the banks of the Amazon in Brazil. A place which, despite having been harmed by malpractices, offers this marvel out of generosity. So small and big at the same time. So full of energy and properties that as soon as we discovered it, we ourselves wanted to offer it to the world.


That is how Coraçai came to life, directly from our heart (and the Brazilian Amazon’s) for all those who aspire to change, to improve, something in their lives, in their worlds. Those who dream, who think that the best is yet to come, who know life is one and only and that must be lived to the fullest. Those who get a move for that thing that moves them, those who know that our heart is screaming from the inside and that is impossible not to bring it out.
That is what Coraçai is and what every day makes us proud but also responsible of staying loyal to this motivation.

Coraçai: Empower your dreams

This is how we see life. A way that is increasingly shared by more people. And, indeed, a way we encourage everybody to join in. Beyond being a brand, we want to be your partner, the one with whom you can share the passion to improve day after day by following what your dreams dictate.

Where to buy Coraçai?

You will find further information about us and our products on our website. If you want to sell Coraçai or know where to buy our açaí pulp, you just have to call us or send us an e-mail. We will be delighted to help you.

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açai vegano