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Organic Açaí

Did you know that in Coraçaí you will find 100% organic açaí? Our açaí grows naturally in the palm trees of the Amazon. The land of our plantations in Brazil has ecological certification and for the production of our organic açaí pulp we use natural procedures and techniques respecting the animals of the area, taking care of the environment and protecting health.


May you know what you eat?


Are you sure your diet provides your body with all the nutrients it needs? Are you worried about the amount of pollutants around you? The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) itself insists that an organic product must be accompanied by its corresponding certification. Remember to look at the label that accredits it!

At a time like the present, when our food is in question by the amount of chemical components, genetically modified organisms or additives it includes, it is very important to opt for an organic food. A diet made with 100 percent natural raw materials to enjoy its numerous benefits for human health. In addition, their production must take care of biodiversity and respect for the communities that live in the land where they are planted.


Açaí of Organic and Sustainable Production


organic açaíThere is a big difference between organic and nonorganic products, especially for their benefits to the organism. Organic products have no contaminants of any kind, no nitrites, no heavy metals, no pesticides…

Açaí organic farming helps sustainable rural development in the areas where it is located. With the cultivation of our açai pulp, we are helping to avoid deforestation in an important part of the Amazon, since the existence of these plantations influences the preservation of this area of the Brazilian jungle, as well as being a great economic boost for this humble area.


How We Produce our Açaí


The açaí berry is a tropical fruit that has been growing wild in the palm trees of the Amazon rainforest for centuries. Its collection, therefore, is not easy because to reach açaí plantations it is necessary to move in canoes along the Amazon River and cross trails through the jungle.

Once the fruit has been collected, climbing the açaizeiros to cut the branches with fruit, the same journey must be made back to the place where the açaí will be processed.

organic açaí picking

The açaí berry cannot be consumed directly. It is necessary to carry out a process of elaboration in the next 24 hours from its collection. Given that it is a very perishable product, it must be treated with great care to preserve unchanged all its nutritional properties.

Only 10% of the açaí fruit is pulp, so to separate it from the seed it is necessary to add water. But not all açaí importing companies perform this process maintaining the same level of quality.


Depending on the percentage of fruit concentration and water, 3 quality levels of the açaí are obtained. It is common for açaí pulps to contain between 9 and 12% pulp. In Europe only Coraçai offers special premium açaí pulp, with a concentration of 14% fruit. So if you want to enjoy this superfruit, making the most of all its benefits, choose our organic açaí pulp as it keeps intact all the properties of this berry so complete for its healthy and antioxidant qualities.


Organic Certification


The soil in which our açaí is produced is free from any chemical treatment. In addition, our plantations are certified organic so we can ensure that the origin of our product follows the strict international regulations that ensures its control. We conduct regular audits that ensure compliance with the established requirements and that there is no fraud.

Our plantations follow these indications so we can guarantee that our açaí is 100% natural, bio and organic.

organic açai coraçai

In general, organic production integrates several essential elements: the use of natural procedures and techniques, respect for animals, preservation of the environment and protection of health.

An organic production of açai pulp like ours can assure you that it will keep intact the antioxidants, vitamin E; essential fatty acids Omega 6 and 9; the large amount of fiber and vegetable protein of a fruit that grows in its natural environment. Everything as it did centuries ago when the indigenous people of the Amazon used it as the main axis of their food.

And it is that including açaí in our diet can provide us with a higher overall level of energy and resistance, and help us combat fatigue and exhaustion.

Likewise, due to its large amount of antioxidants, it helps our body to repair damaged skin cells faster and therefore maintain a more youthful appearance.

You must be clear that we are what we eat and we must take care of the food we consume, because the components of our diet have a major impact on our lives and on that of our families.

Using our açai pulp you will recover its original flavour in your bowls, smoothies, etc, enjoying a premium açai. Having it always at hand in your house and being sure that what you are consuming is what you really seek.

acai bowls Coracai


Coraçaí Lovers


Go for Coraçai pulp to change your world through something as small as an açai berry. Join the Coraçai Lovers, the people who aspire to change, to improve something in their lives and in their worlds. Those who dream, who think the best is yet to come, those who know that life is one and must be lived to the fullest. Those who move for what they love and know that what our heart cries out to us from within is impossible not to take it out.

¡Live, dream, enjoy Coraçai!


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