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Açaí Quality: not all açaí is the same

¡Quality DOES matter! For Coraçaí the quality of our açaí is a differential value that distinguishes us from all the others. We do not want to be mere distributors of a product, but we want to get you the best of Brazil, keeping all its properties intact and being respectful of the environment and people. For this reason, we wanted to take another step and we have bet from the beginning to offer premium açaí pulp.

Coraçaí is the only company in Europe that sells Premium Quality Açaí pulp, since it contains a concentration of fruit superior to other brands on the market.


Our maxim is to bet on quality in all stages of organic production of our açaí. Want to know more?


Quality Açaí from the Origin


Plantations Acai BrazilOrganic farming has as one of its fundamental principles to achieve high quality food, preventing pollution by harmful substances and thus, achieve better qualities of the final product. As you know, our açaí comes from organic production so it already has some characteristics superior to other products currently on the market. The açai berry of our plantations in Brazil is produced respecting the standards established internationally for organic farming, so we can talk about a bio and organic product.

Hence, the Coraçaí açaí pulp has superior nutritional characteristics. In addition its production incurs in socio-economic and environmental aspects of the area that differentiate it from the rest: we respect the life system of the indigenous communities that cultivate it and we carry out a sustainable activity for the environment in which they are located.


Quality in the Production Process


Once the fruit is harvested and transported following the strictest quality standards, our concern is to do the same with the next phase of the production process. The açaí berry is not 100% fruit, but 90% is seed and only 10% is pulp, so to extract the fruit for consumption it is essential to add water. This is a process that requires rapid action, which must be performed within 24 hours of collection.

It is at this stage of production that we can establish a new difference with the rest of açaí pulps that are marketed. There are three qualities of açaí on the market based on the concentration of the fruit they possess. We know that this circumstance is very evident and makes a difference when it comes to making your bowls, smoothies or smoothies. It is something that is noticeable!


The Qualities of Açaí


In our case, Coraçaí works with the highest quality pulp and the highest concentration of açaí on the market. Do you know what this difference is?

açaí berryThe qualities of the açaí are established according to the concentration of solids (fruit) of the product. Thus:

-Popular: açaí pulp with between 9 and 10 % solids.

-Average: açaí pulp containing 12 % solids.

-Premium or Special: is the pulp of açaí that includes 14.5% solids, which is the one we offer in Coraçai.

You must be clear that it is not possible to have a 100% fruit açaí pulp. As we have explained, you need to add water to extract the pulp that is only 10% of the fruit. Our work philosophy makes the difference with the rest also in this matter, since we work the highest quality açaí pulp.

We have the pulp with the highest concentration of açaí on the market, which is the Premium/Special. This allows us to ensure that the nutritional value of the calories of our product is higher by the higher
concentration of fruit and without the addition of preservatives, chemical dyes or sugar.


Final Product Quality


açaí bowl¡This is the quality that will make the difference in your palate! The final quality of the bowls and smoothies prepared with a premium açaí pulp is much higher than the rest. You can notice this directly because your dishes have a more intense color and flavor, plus a creamier texture.

To the characteristics of a natural bio product, suitable for vegans, gluten-free and without GMOs, we add a superior quality that will allow you to enjoy a delicious açaí and that is the most similar to that prepared by the indigenous people of the Amazon.

Come and try our açaí and you will notice the difference. We encourage you to live this sensory experience that others do not offer. Then if you want açaí quality, you want Coraçaí!


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