iqf strawberries

IQF Strawberries

We present the IQF Strawberries with the best flavour, aroma and brightest red colour on the market. A product of excellent quality that in CORAÇAÍ we are proud to offer within our new range of frozen fruit, whole or cut, for distribution to the Horeca/Foodservice channel.

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Consumption of frozen strawberries worldwide is ever-growing since strawberry is a frequent fruit in western diets. However being a seasonal product, it is not always possible to consume it naturally or with a low level of processing, which would be best. Thus, IQF frozen fruit is the perfect choice and the best way to stop nature so that we can enjoy the qualities of this fruit throughout the year.


What are the IQF fruits?

The IQF freezing or Individually Quick Freezing is a procedure that ensures that the texture, nutritional value and flavour of the fruit is preserved once we have defrosted. This process also ensures that IQF fruits do not need any chemicals or preservatives, because due to the sudden change in temperature, the presence of microorganisms is significantly reduced.


Strawberry is a fruit as delicious as delicate because it requires the utmost care when handling. With ultrafast freezing we get an excellent quality product that retains all its organoleptic (taste) and nutritional properties once thawed.

Coraçaí’s IQF Strawberries, of the Senga Sengana variety, have been carefully selected, washed and frozen whole at their optimum point of ripeness in order to preserve the authentic flavour of the fresh fruit. They also have the ideal size for the preparation of natural juices, slushies, smoothies and all kinds of confectionery or ice cream.


IQF Strawberries



Product: Frozen strawberries 100%. Natural product without preservatives or dyes.

Variety: senga sengana.

Style: iqf fruit (whole, halves and dices)

Storage temperature: -20ºC.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Packaging: 10 kg box (4 bags of 2.5kg).


Frozen Fruits for HORECA


IQF technology means the individual and ultra-fast freezing of each piece of fruit, from the inside out, thus preserving its shape and all its qualities. It is important to stress that freezing processes do not affect the nutritional quality of food.

Thus, frozen IQF strawberries provide the same nutritional value as fresh strawberries, with the advantage that they retain it for longer, since it is a long-lasting product. Unlike very fast ripening fresh fruit, IQF strawberries offer the same appearance, degree of ripening and flavour all year long. They are also very easy to defrost and use, being perfect for use in hotels, restaurants and catering services with maximum utilization and no loss of product due to expiration.

red strawberry

Coraçai strawberries IQF have the same color, aroma, texture and flavour as fresh fruit. It is a 100% natural product without additives or preservatives.


Advantages of IQF Fruit in Hospitality Business


The use of IQF fruit in hospitality business has a series of advantages over fresh fruit:

– It is a long-lasting product, so it is possible to have very high quality fresh fruit throughout the year.

– Preserves the same nutritional values as fresh fruit.

– Minimises the risk of food poisoning, as ultra-fast freezing significantly reduces the presence of microorganisms.

– It maintains the same texture, color, aroma and flavour as fresh fruit. Your customers will not notice the difference because it’s still the same freshly harvested fruit.

– It is 100% natural product without additives or preservatives or added sugars.

– It is very easy to defrost and beat frozen for the preparation of multiple preparations.

– The maximum use of the fruit is achieved, without loss of product due to expiration.

– It is a very profitable product that represents a great saving, both in time and money, for any hospitality business: bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels…


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Strawberry Nutricional Data


Today’s consumer, increasingly concerned about their daily diet, is more demanding and aware of the nutritional value of the products they consume. That is why offering your customers preparations made with high quality natural products such as IQF fruit will add value to your business.

strawberriesIt is not the same to consume natural or unprocessed strawberries when used to flavor preparations, yogurts or shakes. A smoothie or smoothie made with whole strawberry will preserve all the nutritional benefits that this fruit offers. On the other hand, it is common to find in the market other types of products such as yogurts or juices “strawberry flavor”. In this case the damages of their consumption outweigh the benefits.

It should be noted that fruits are used to a greater extent when eaten raw, or when at least the pulp is consumed in full. In this case the availability of nutrients will be greater, so the impact at physiological level will be positive. If only fruit juice is drunk, or only sugars are used, in the medium term this habit could produce metabolic alterations.


Benefits of Strawberries


Strawberries stand out mainly for their antioxidant content and vitamin C. As far as flavonoids are concerned, these compounds are able to neutralize the formation of free radicals, which reduces the risk of mutations in cell replication processes. This reduces the incidence of many chronic and complex diseases, such as certain types of cancer. This is evidenced by an investigation published in the journal Current Pharmaceutical Design.

Likewise, avoiding excessive production of free radicals will also have a positive impact on the external appearance, as it reduces the signs of aging. Note that the appearance of wrinkles, gray hair or marks associated with age has much to do with maintaining an oxidative state over time. Several factors influence it, but diet is one of the most important.

As far as vitamin C is concerned, it should be noted that this nutrient can enhance immune function, reducing the incidence of chronic and infectious diseases. But it is also decisive when maximizing the use of iron at dietary level, which would prevent the development of pathologies such as anemia. This positive interaction is reflected in a study published in the journal JAMA.

It is important to note that strawberries are able to provide fiber with prebiotic characteristics. This means that it can ferment inside the intestine, serving as an energy substrate for the bacteria that inhabit the tube. Thanks to this effect, the microbiota becomes more competent, thus optimizing digestive and nutrient utilization processes.

Moreover, a healthy microbiota guarantees the synthesis of anti-inflammatory compounds in the internal environment, such as short-chain fatty acids.

These elements prevent the development of several complex pathologies that cause inflammation as an underlying mechanism. In this way, it will be necessary to ensure that the daily fiber requirements, which are estimated at 25 grams, are met.


How to Consume Strawberries?


There are many different ways to include strawberries in the regular diet, this being a fairly advisable habit. It is best to consume them raw, especially when they are in season. In times when they do not grow sustainably, the best option is to buy frozen pulp or strawberry and thus continue to make the most of the food quality.

We have already commented that frozen strawberries have the same nutritional values ??as fresh strawberries. Freezing processes do not affect the nutritional quality of food. For this reason, they are highly recommended products to increase the variety in the diet, this being one of the key points of a healthy diet. You can resort to the intake of both frozen vegetables and fruits on a regular basis to increase the contribution of vitamins and phytochemicals.

Once the frozen product is purchased, there are several preparation options. Smoothies and bowls are a good alternative, especially if they are combined with some other food with a high fiber content. Another interesting idea is to combine strawberries with yogurt. In this way, the probiotics of the dairy product and the prebiotics of the vegetable are used, generating a very positive combination for the intestinal microbiota.

In any case, remember that it will be necessary to guarantee other good habits in addition to diet in order to improve your state of health. Regular physical exercise and a good night’s sleep are required. At least 7 hours of good quality sleep must be ensured to achieve balance at the hormonal and physiological level in the internal environment.


IQF Strawberries: The best alternative to Fresh Fruit


As you have seen, it is positive for health to consume strawberries on a regular basis, although you can not always opt for the fresh variety, since its cultivation period is limited. However, throughout the year there are high quality frozen alternatives at nutritional level such as Coraçai IQF strawberries. A perfect product for the elaboration of multiple recipes with strawberries.


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The nutritional information of this article has been provided by Saúl Sánchez Arias, nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition and nutrigenomics.

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