acai to lose weight

Açaí to lose weight, myth or truth?

It is very common to hear that certain foods help to lose weight because they increase metabolism. Among them is açaí. It is often said that it is good to take açaí to lose weight but how much is true in this statement? Today we will find out from the hand of our expert nutritionist.


What is the Açaí?


The açai is an exotic fruit, native to the Amazon rainforest, which has gradually been introduced into western gastronomy, mainly through smoothies and bowls.

açai bio coraçaíOnly its pulp is edible, which represents a low percentage of the total fruit, characterized by its high content of seeds. To obtain it it is necessary to extract this meat by adding water. Hence there are different varieties of product according to their purity and concentration.

This condition can affect the organoleptic characteristics of commercial açai. Also its nutrient concentration. Using a pulp of high quality and purity guarantees a greater contribution of antioxidants in the same amount of food as a less concentrated pulp, with a higher aqueous percentage.

Pure special açaí pulp 14% bio of Coraçaí has the maximum fruit concentration unlike most of the brands on the market. You will notice it when you try it. Better flavor, color and texture in your bowls and smoothies.





Açaí to lose weight


It is a common mistake to think that some foods “lose weight”, as happens with açaí. We have heard many times things like that food x helps to lose weight because it increases metabolism but this is not usually so.

One of the advantages of consuming pure açai bio pulp is that it is a product with low energy input, because it does not contain additives. This feature makes it ideal when including it in the framework of a hypocaloric diet with the aim of losing weight. It is a food with a low carbohydrate content and a protein, although vegetable, presents a fairly complete aminogram.

açaí to lose weight


For this reason, the açaí becomes a perfect ingredient for making snacks as part of a diet with a slimming character.


The açaí framed within a slimming diet is not a food that will lose weight. However, being low caloric, its consumption can cause satiety and not increase the energy supply in excess.


In short, this food allows you to enjoy excellent organoleptic characteristics while providing quality antioxidants. All under a reduced energy content.



Source of antioxidants


If for anything the Pure Açai pulp stands out, especially in its maximum concentration of 14%, it is for its low content in calories and sugars. It does not change the fact that its micronutrient content deserves special mention.

The açaí contains flavonoids, responsible for its purple color, with a high antioxidant character. These are anthocyanins, pigments that can be found in blueberries and other wild fruits.

The antioxidant capacity of these phytonutrients has been evidenced in an article published in the journal Food Chemistry. Its regular consumption contributes to reducing the formation of reactive oxygen species, responsible for aging processes, as well as increasing the risk of developing diseases in the long term.

As if this were not enough, anthocyanins are not the only antioxidant that contains this fruit. Pure Açai Pulp is rich in vitamin E, a nutrient capable of reducing cardiovascular risk by promoting anti-inflammatory processes, as stated in an article published in the journal IUBMB Life. In addition, this vitamin is able to partially block the oxidation of LDL lipoprotein, which could pose a risk factor for the formation of atheroma plaques.


A fruit suitable for Athletes


A research published in 2019 analyzed the effects of the administration of 400 g of pasteurized açai pulp per day in a population of cyclists in order to evaluate its antioxidant potential. The results concluded that this food was able to reduce lipid peroxidation as well as lactate levels. On the other hand, the intake of this food contributes to improve the water balance of the athlete, fundamental factor to avoid loss of performance…

Moreover, the intake of this food contributes to improve the water balance of the athlete, a fundamental factor to avoid short-term performance losses. The supply of liquids is another aspect that can make a difference in recovery, especially in hot and humid environments.


açaí healthy habits

Regular consumption of this fruit helps control the markers associated with muscle damage in athletes.


The Pure Açai pulp special 14 % Bio of Coraçaí has an added value, and its purity allows you to consume a smaller amount of product to provide the same benefits as pulp from other brands, thanks to its higher concentration of nutrients.


Healthy Diets with Açaí


In addition to its nutritional value, the pulp of açai stands out for its versatility when preparing it within the framework of a healthy diet. It is possible to prepare smoothies and bowls with it introducing in the same different fruits and foods that complete the supply of nutrients. It combines fabulously with vegetable drinks, although remember to choose those that do not have added sugars in their composition.

You can also add nuts, improving the protein quality of the whole. It is even possible to add seeds, rich in omega 3 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory potential. And, of course, it can be combined with many fruits, which guarantees the supply of other phytonutrients, essential to fight the formation of free radicals causing several complex diseases.

If you are thinking of providing your snacks with a greater variety, at the same time as optimizing the supply of nutrients, the Pure pulp of Açai special 14% Bio of Coraçai is a perfect choice for you. With this product you can prepare different smoothies and bowls, rich in micronutrients and antioxidants, necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

All this under a low energy input, which makes this product valid to include in the framework of a varied and healthy diet with a goal of weight loss. Healthy eating is not synonymous with giving up taste.


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The nutritional information of this article “Açaí to lose weight, myth or truth?” has been provided by SaulNutri, nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition and nutrigenomics.

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