At Coraçai, we offer the best açaí pulp selection at its purest, with no extra sugar, preservatives or chemical colourings. For its distribution to industries, we have packages that go from 1 kg bags to 180 kg drums.


Choose the option that best adapts to your business’ needs and contact us for agreeing on the shipping conditions.

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Açai Pulp | Premium Quality

Our premium-quality frozen açai pulp contains the highest fruit concentration (14 %*) that can be found in the market.


Guaranteeing the highest quality standard is the backbone of our working philosophy. In fact, we do so since the very moment the fruit is harvested until the distributor receives the packaged end product.


How can we verify an açaí pulp’s quality? By checking out the nutrition facts. The different açaí quality types are determined by the product’s solid content (fruit): 9 %, 12 % and 14 %. Among the açaí pulp’s ingredients, the only one with calorie content is the açaí (the rest is water and citric acid). Hence, the more calories the product has, the more fruit concentration it features.

* Besides the special grade pulp 14 %, we offer the pure açaí pulp medium grade 12 % and the popular grade 9 %. Please, contact us for further details

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