organic acai mix for machines

Açaí Sorbet for Soft Machine & Slush Machine

Do you want to offer your customers a delicious and healthy option for breakfast or snacks? Our acai bowls are the perfect choice to give the boost your business needs. Now with our acai mix BIO for soft machines and slush machines bowls will be much easier and faster to prepare.

We advise you on the choice of the ice cream machine you need to prepare your açaí bowls, as it is possible to obtain a different texture and creaminess depending on the technology used. We explain everything below, from the raw material we use to make the açaí mix to how to obtain the ideal texture when preparing your bowls. Stay until the end and find out how we do it.

Origin: The secret of the Coraçaí açaí mix


First of all we want to tell you where the raw material with which we make our products comes from. The açaí of Coraçaí comes from the majestic palm trees of the Amazon rainforest cultivated by the ‘ribeirinhos’. We work hand in hand with the families who cultivate this wonder of nature in its natural habitat. This allows us to track every harvest, ensuring fair trade and the highest quality of açaí.

The particular climate of the Amazon is the great ally of this super fruit, the rain provides the necessary water for its growth and maturation between harvests. The açaí harvest is an annual event, between August and December, which gives us the optimal time to obtain the fruits rich in nutrients and color. Each harvest is unique because the nature and climate of the area decide the exact ripening time of the fruit. In Coraçaí we always select the best fruit during the harvest to ensure good quality throughout the year.

The açaí mix BIO is a product manufactured in Spain by CORAÇAI. We import açaí pulp from our plants in Brazil and with it we make the product in Spain, in our factory in Galicia.

Organic açaí

The açaí berry of our plantations in Brazil is produced respecting the rules of organic farming established internationally, so we can talk about a bio and organic product. We assure you that the pulp of açaí Bio 14% of Coraçaí is the highest quality pulp on the market and has a very superior nutritional characteristics to the products of açaí sold by other brands.

In Coraçaí we use premium açaí pulp (with the maximum possible concentration of fruit) in the elaboration of our products, including açaí mix for machines.

Composition: Ingredients of organic production


The açaí mix for Coraçaí machines is made with the maximum concentration of açaí pulp BIO, which is 14%. We do not add any dye, preservative or emulsifier as other brands do. Our own formula of açaí mix for machines has been painstakingly worked and tested countless times to achieve the optimal result of the product we want to offer our customers: an intense purple ice cream with a soft and unctuous texture, with a marked açaí flavor.



    • AÇAÍ PULP*(60%)
    • WATER
    • GUAR GUM*


           *organic ingredients.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100 ml/gr of product)

ENERGY VALUE 476.5kJ/114.3 kcal
FAT 3.6 g
FIBER 1.4 g
SALT 0.0 g


We currently have two varieties of this product: pure Açaí Mix and Açaí Mix with guarana but we can adapt the ingredients to the needs of each customer. In Coraçaí we develop and produce our own açaí mix BIO formulas for machines and açaí Sorbet BIO for your brand. Ask us for the formula you want for your business and we create it for you.

Contact us now to offer personalized advice tailored to the needs of your business.

Professional Use: Add açaí mix to your menu


We are committed to providing you the best experience. You decide the formula you like best and we create it for you with the utmost care and quality.
We use fresh ingredients and açaí of the highest quality to create a unique experience that promotes well-being. We want every bite to be a unique taste experience for your customers, backed by an unwavering commitment to nature.

In addition, our strategy as importer and distributor of açaí pulp BIO is to ensure a constant supply of raw materials throughout Europe. Which allows us to produce the delicious açaí mix for machines in our factory throughout the year and to deliver it to you in 24/48 hours where you need it.

pulpa acai bio 5kg coracai
Our logistics efficiency means that we can produce açaí BIO in Spain and deliver it to you in 24/48 hours where you need it, ready and ready to add to your soft ice cream machine or hailing machine.

Let us be the key to your coffee shop, ice cream parlor or hospitality business being remembered for offering the best açaí you have ever tried. Make your establishment a place where excellence is served on every plate, where quality becomes the hallmark. With Coraçaí the experience will be authentic. Add our açaí to the menu of your local and differ with your culinary proposal

benefits of acai bowl with machine

Preparation: Texture and creaminess


Prepare in seconds the açaí bowl for your customers with the optimal texture and creaminess. Because if something characterizes our products, besides the quality, it is its creamy texture and intense flavor. And quality makes the difference in the palate! You and your customers will notice this when they try the bowls and smoothies prepared with the açaí mix BIO from Coraçaí.

Depending on the final texture you want to get when serving our açaí mix you should use one type of machine or another. The…
The difference between a soft ice cream machine and a hailing machine is the temperature at which the product comes out, which will influence the texture of the same, being more compact or more liquid.

In these videos we show you the two types of textures with which you can prepare your bowls with our açai ice cream machine:

Soft texture, the product comes out more frozen and is harder.

Slush texture, it comes out at a lower temperature and more liquid.

Presentation: How to serve the açaí mix for machines


We propose two ways to serve our açaí mix depending on the texture obtained with the ice cream machine or hailing machine.

In a bowl

The açaí bowls have become an ideal product to unleash gastronomic creativity. One of its distinctive features is the ability to combine with other ingredients and flavors. Thanks to its creamy texture, the açaí bowl is the perfect base to add toppings of all kinds such as chopped fruits, berries, granolas, sweet sauces or nuts.

acai para máquinas en bowl

In a glass or cone

The most popular presentation of the acai mix is in bowl format to enjoy sitting in the local. Although it can also be served in other containers more oriented to take away as is the glass. Another possibility to take away and that is also very appetizing to customers, is to serve our delicious purple ice cream cone and add toppings.

acai para máquina soft

You can prepare your bowls, glasses or ice cream cones of açaí at the moment and to your style. It will only be necessary to add toppings to create new sensory experiences that will conquer your customers in every spoonful.

Shelf life: How long does the açaí machine mix last?


The frozen product has a shelf life of 24 months. We will never send our customers a product with an expiration of less than 12 months.

For the preservation of the açaí mix it is recommended to keep it at a temperature of -18ºC or less. Once thawed (before machine), the açaí mix can be refrigerated for up to 5 days at +4ºC.

Under useful conditions of the product, that is inside the machine, tests have been made of up to 4 days in which the product was kept in good condition. However, our recommendation when there is no rotation is to leave the product on the machine for a maximum of 2 days. Also, we advise our customers to clean the product machine 1 day a week.

If you need more information about the açaí mix for machines and the other products that we sell, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Head office in Spain


+34 619 391 699

For international inquiries

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