Dreamers Team Coraçaí

Our dream of doing what we like, what passionate us and give the best of us as vital philosophy, does not belong only to us. On our way we have found amazing people with whom we share a vision, values ​​and the wish to enjoy life to the fullest.

So we decided to create:


A team of people with different passions and illusions but with something in common:

Live for their passions, bring to this world the best they have and not give up until their dreams become reality. We want to contribute to their lives helping them to be closer to their big day.

Soon we will present the team to you. You can keep informed through our social networks.

Eric Rebiere, surfista de olas grandes.
Eric Rebiere, big wave surfer.
Carlos Villarín, longboard free rider.
Carlos Villarín, longboard free rider.