Sobre Coraçaí

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi said it time ago, but resonates in our heads every day as the first time we hear it and is the reason that has led us to take this path.

Be aware that each thing we do, however small is, provoke a change, gave life to Coraçai.

This is the way we chose to change our world (and of anyone who wants to join us) through something so small such a fruit.

A world more and more connected but oblivious to everything that surrounds it, oblivious to everything that this wonderful world offers to us and how little it asks for it in return.

A planet full of oportunities to feel alive, ease with yourself and with all that share this incredible place.

And one of those opportunities is the Açai, fruit that naturally arises near the Amazon riverside, a place that, despite have been punished for bad practices, generously offers us this wonder. So small and so big at a time. So full of energy and properties that when we discovered it, we also wanted to offer it to the world.

Thus was born Coraçai, straight from our hearts (and the Amazon) for all those who aspire to change, to improve something in their lives, in their worlds. Those who dream, who think that the best is yet to come, who know that life is one and must be lived to the fullest. Those who pursue what passionate about, that know what our heart cries out from inside, is impossible not to get it out.

This is Coraçai and what makes us feel proud everyday, but also responsible of mantaining us faithful to this motivation.

Coraçai Team.