If your dreams do not scare you you are not dreaming high enough..

So we ask you to dream, to dream as high as you can and to live in the direction your dreams indicate you. Feel the tingling in your body that tells you something is changing, that you’re going to break another barrier.

We want you to fight for those dreams, although you feel fear, but not that fear that paralyzes you, but that which is out of the known, risk losing, that makes your heart race, but also feel that the reward will be worthy.

We want everything you do, however small is put all your heart. Because everything we do defines who we are but moreover who we want to be.

Because we know that the best of you, is coming.

Empower your dreams.

Coraçai Team.


Pulpa de Açaí

Açaí Pulp

Açaí´s pure Pulp Premium

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Polvo de Açaí

Açaí powder

Fresh açaí´s pulp, lyophilized without alteration of its characteristics.

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Sorbet de Açaí

Açaí sorbet Natural

Our star product, with all the flavor of the best Açaí,s pulp.

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There is much talk of the properties of Açaí. You will find websites, blogs, etc. telling wonders about this fruit. We want to tell you only those who we can prove through rigorous analysis of our product

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Coraçaí Dreamers Team

Our dream is the dream of many.
For all those who share it, we have created a team.

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CORAÇAI is not just a sorbet, is the perfect complement for any hour of the day, in any moment of the year. It is enough you want to take care of yourself and you let run your imagination because it combines well with a lot of ingredients and you can have it in many ways: delicious desserts, smoothies, breakfast, etc…


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